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A community of 1 Lakh + farmers.

Providing one stop solution to dairy farmers.

We have built a unique digital platform focusing dairy farmers and their needs. Product provides free access to the knowledge related to dairy farming, best practices, and network of experts, fellow farmers.

Dhenoo App

About Us

A farmer centric comprehensive digital platform serving dairy & livestock farming domain. It is a trust-based ecosystem that provides one stop solution to the diary and livestock farmers by engaging other stakeholders. We are team of passionate technologists, subject matter experts, designers, digital promoters, branding & marketing professionals along with field officers, etc.


What we offer

Dairy platform to organise livestock farming ecosystem

Dhenoo Manch/Forum


Opens interaction and networking doors between farmers and experts.

Farmers can share the problem and get the solution or advice through crowd sourcing or by expert. At the same time they can also help and answer the queries of the other farmers. 

Pashu Bazaar

Easy trading of cattle nearby your area  

Farmers can buy or sell their cattle to nearby farmers. Pashu bazaar provides them easy solution to their cattle trading as they don't have to wait days to find right buyer for them.

Pashu Bazaar
Dhenoo Pashu Bazaar
Digi Mart
Dhenoo Digi Mart

Digi Mart

Discount on feeds and medicines compared to offline market

Business can join us and sell their products online and farmers can get medicines and animal feed in discounted price. There is a subscription plan for businesses who want to sell their product in digi mart.

Pashu Gyan

Know about your cattle in detail

This module is dedicated to the Knowledge and Courses to upgrade the knowledge of the farmers on daily basis. 

It intends to offer right set of information that will be practically useful to the farmers on field. 

They will be well informed of the information in the domain and hence do things in way advance.

Pashu Gyan

Our Happy Clients


98 K+


6 K+

Animal Regestration


Animal Sold


Partnered Companies

Why our user like Dhenoo

"It helped to manage my dairy farm and animals-"

With the help of dhenoo now I know when my cow needs right medicines for better milk production. I can manage the breeding and also get answers to my problem from experts.


Ankush Borade

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