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Dhenoo Warta

Dhenoo Warta

It gives regular updates on

• Current industry affairs

• Success stories

• Industry events

• Udyog Parichay - Business Introduction

• Product Innovations

• New Technology Solutions etc.

Digi Media

Dhenoo Digital Media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to Magnify Your Brand Awareness And Marketing Reach. It allows you to connect with your audience in a more direct and accessible way. Additionally, it builds relationships by helping spread your brand's vision and message.

  • We have 7500 + subscribers in youtube

  • 200 + Videos uploaded

  • We have 324 followers in Instagram

  • 150 + Post posted online

Digi Media
Digi Udyami

Digi Udyami

It’s a Village Based Network Of Digital Agri Entrepreneurs

• Village Based DigiMart Owners

• Local Physical Presence

• Building Trust in Transaction

• Drive The Purchase Decisions

• Combine Bulk Orders / Community Buying

• Last Mile Delivery / Order Fulfilment

• Trained & Powered By Dhenoo

Dhenoo Doots

Dhenoo Doots are Dhenoo's Village Representatives

• Create Awareness

• Introducing Dhenoo Platform

• Building Trust Within Community

• Build Farmer's Network

• Product Demonstration

• Arrange Trainings for Farmers

• Village Based Advisor

• Educated & Powered By Dhenoo

Dhenoo Doots
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